Behavior and Learning Intervention Services

Virtual Learning Etiquette

Many students with disabilities require supplementary guidance from teachers and aides in order to meet educational and behavioral objectives within an academic setting. However, since the onset of COVID-19, many schools have replaced traditional in-person instruction with virtual learning curricula, and these services may no longer be available. While this transition has been challenging for everyone, students with disabilities may require further support in adapting to digital classrooms.

This training aims to equip students with clear behavioral expectations and strategies for maximizing their academic success with online instruction.

Topics covered include:

  • Personal preparation
  • Learning environments
  • Body language
  • Digital interaction
  • Self-management
  • Self-advocacy within a virtual learning context

The training is open to both students looking to improve their online educational experience and to parents wanting to provide additional academic support during this transitional time.

f you have any questions about the content of the training or scheduling, please email Stephanie at or call 304-293-4692.