Behavior and Learning Intervention Services

Staff Training

Staff training is offered to anyone who works with individuals with behavioral challenges, developmental disabilities, or autism spectrum disorder. Staff trainings can be developed to suit the needs of an organization, team, or single employee.

Possible Training Topics

Training topics can be developed based on the needs of the organization. Broadly, trainings can include information on working with individuals with disabilities or those who engage in challenging behavior. Some possible trainings are listed below:

  1. Functional Behavior Assessments
  2. Behavior Intervention Plan Development
  3. Classroom Management Strategies
  4. Preventing Challenging Behavior
  5. Working with Children with Disabilities

Possible Training Structures

Training can be offered to groups or individuals in a single training or consultation format. Due to COVID-19, group trainings that include more than three staff members will be held virtually. Individual trainings can also be completed virtually.